Watching The Invisible Hand Of God In Panama

This week we traveled to Panama City, to spend a few days meeting with pastors and church leaders in the the capitol city of Panama.

Friday morning we met with church leaders from across the city, to share what God has been doing in Latin America. By the grace of God the meeting ended with all the pastors in the room joining hands, and casting aside denominations to pray for their nation.

Praying for Panama

Several of the pastors in attendance had national television and radio programs under their ministry. As we prayed one by one these pastors began calling their own radio stations, asking them to broadcast our prayer live on the radio. What a joy to see leadership coming together in unity and humility!

After the pastors meeting, we were driven to a radio and television studio called Hosanna Vision, where Stephen and Dennis were interviewed live on the radio. They spoke about what God is doing in Latin America, the recent crusade last year in Honduras, and upcoming crusade in Nicaragua this summer.

Stephen and Dennis on Hosana Vision

Friday night Stephen and Dennis preached in the one of the largest churches in the city, and the fire of the Holy Spirit fell in that place. What a special time with the people of Panama. There were many saved and filled with the Holy Spirit!

Preaching in Panama

Overall it was a wonderful trip, and we left humbled by the favor of the Lord. We look forward to what the Lord is doing in Panama. Pray that his will be done in that nation! What happened was beyond anything we could have ever accomplished on our own, it was truly for the glory of God.

For now we shift our focus back to Nicaragua Prays, and ask that you continue to keep LOLI in your prayers as we press on towards the Managua crusade in August!