For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sake.

1 Thessalonians 1:5


Stephen Evans

Stephen was born in Australia and grew up in Texas.  Traveling with his dad, Desmond Evans around the world, stimulated the desire inside his heart for missions.  In 2004 he joined Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke as his personal assistant.  The Holy Spirit used this time to sharpen the faith of Stephen and Alisa, and expand their vision for city-wide evangelism and national transformation.

As founder and president of Light of Life International, Stephen and his LOLI team have conducted over 51 crusades in 9 Latin American countries – and are believing for many more! As learned first hand from serving Reinhard in Africa, today Stephen and his team are believing: Latin America shall be saved!

Dennis Aplicano

Dennis has been part of the LOLI family from the beginning. He met Stephen in 2004. The more they talked and dreamed about the nations, the more they sensed the Lord drawing them together to win souls and minister to the hurting in Latin America.

In November 2005, Dennis and Stephen stood side by side in Tela, Honduras for the first LOLI crusade. Dozens of crusades later, Dennis continues to serve as crusade director, lead translator, and a vital part of the LOLI team. Dennis is married to Tammy, has three children and lives in San Pedro Sula.

Alisa Evans

Alisa was part of the LOLI family before there even was one!  When Stephen was invited to serve with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, she saw it as a divine door to something extraordinary.  She was right! 15 years and many nations later, Alisa continues to balance family and ministry. Stephen and Alisa have been married 21 years and have two children.

Steve New

Steve has been part of the LOLI family from the beginning. He met Stephen and Alisa in 2004 when they returned from serving Reinhard Bonnke. In 2005, Steve and Stephen grew closer during a mission trip to Medellin, Colombia – and Steve agreed to join LOLI in Tela for the first crusade – a month later. The rest is history!

A graduate of Texas A&M, Steve serves as the VP of LOLI and travels frequently with Stephen. Steve is available as a speaker, and lives in Fort Worth with his wife, Yvette. He has three children and four grandchildren.

Alvaro Matehuala

Alvaro has been part of the LOLI family since 2012, when he attended the Honduras Prays national campaign in San Pedro Sula. Two years later he started traveling with Stephen and speaking at the LOLI prayer and pastor conferences. In 2016, he joined the staff as Director of Intercession. Alvaro is married to Linda, has five children, five grandchildren, and also serves as President of Christian International House of Prayer.


Light of Life International started in 2004, after Stephen and Alisa returned to Texas. Having served as the personal assistant to Reinhard Bonnke, Stephen had seen the Africa crusades first hand and had a fire burning in his heart to do the same. Surprisingly, the call came – not to Africa or places where Stephen and Alisa had contacts – but to Latin America. Growing into citywide evangelism certainly brought its challenges along the way, but 51 crusades later the Lord Jesus has demonstrated His great faithfulness and power over and over again.
The journey has also been marked by encounters with children and families in poverty. As a teenager, Alisa had dreams of being surrounded by children on the mission field and Stephen served on his dad’s church staff as the director of global missions. It should be no surprise then that LOLI seeks out creative ways to minister to the needs of people. From providing groceries and ice cream in remote and impoverished neighborhoods to giving huge teddy bears to children in hospitals and orphanages, compassion makes up a huge part of the LOLI vision.
We are so thankful for the first 15 years of ministry in Honduras, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. We are in awe of the power and love of Jesus Christ to save, heal, and transform lives. And as long as we can, we look forward to taking His Gospel even further!


Thank you for your interest in Light of Life International. If you would like more information on an upcoming trip, or join our team of global intercessors, or receive more information about this ministry, please contact us.