Gas Stations, Flat Tires and the Manifest Presence of the Lord

By December 16, 2016LOLI Missions


I just returned from a week long trip in Honduras, and wow so much is happening! The first part of the trip included lots of travel, starting with a 5 hour drive from San Pedro Sula to Ocotepeque. This is where we held our 30th LOLI crusade last month and we went back there now to secure the harvest. It is so important to follow up with the pastors and to say thank you to all the ushers, intercessors and volunteers who worked hard to bring the crusade week together. It was good to hear the testimonies – including one man who stopped at the gas station across the road from where we were holding the evangelistic crusade. When he stepped out of his car to get gas, he heard the message going forth and felt goosebumps. The size of the crowd, the testimonies, all of it impacted him so powerfully that he remained at the gas station and listened through the rest of the message!
From Ocotepeque (the farthest western point in Honduras) we drove through the mountains in the heart of the country, then made our way south to the capital. It took 7 hours – aided greatly by a flat tire. Fortunately, the blow out occurred only a couple minutes outside the town of Gracias. And we certainly gave “thanks” to the Lord for the proximity of the town and the place where we could buy a used tire! Back on the road we made it to Tegucigulpa where we spent a couple days in meetings and planning for what lies ahead.


The final part of the trip took us two hours further south to San Lorenzo and Choluteca. These places are the sites of our next two crusades – both in March. If what happened at the pastors crusade launch is any indicator of what is coming – then we are in for something remarkable! For example, in Choluteca, over 70 pastors and leaders turned up for the kick off dinner. They were gracious and eager to hear what the Lord had placed on our hearts. But before it was my turn to speak, they played a worship song I had only heard once before. The other time had been in Costa Rica earlier this year when we walked into an intercessors service and were overwhelmed by His presence. A month later, the crusade in Guapiles had produced testimonies of the manifest presence of God touching people in neighborhoods surrounding the crusade venue. Whether or not they knew about the crusade did not matter because the presence of the Lord simply washed into their homes. As I shared this testimony with the Choluteca pastors, I also concluded that hearing the song again at this very moment could not be coincidental. Surely the Lord was in this place! As the song was played again, the presence of the Lord Jesus washed over us – to the point that the lady in charge of catering the meal told her wait staff that the Holy Spirit was in the room!


We are excited about what is happening in Honduras. If you are able to join us for either or both of the March crusades in Honduras – then let us know. San Lorenzo is March 6th – 12th and Choluteca is March 13th – 19th.