Mexico City Crusade, Cactus and Presidential Shirts!

By December 15, 2016LOLI Missions

Four days after returning from the 3 Borders crusade in Ocotepeque, Honduras – Dennis, Steve, Alvaro and I were on our way to Mexico City. Our hearts were full of excitement not only because we had been invited to speak to a national audience – but the prayerful gathering would take place in the historic Zocalo Square.

The next morning we walked to Zocalo Square to prayer walk the area. The stage was being set up as thousands of people moved in and around the square. Dennis, Steve, Alvaro and I each took a corner of the famous square and prayed for the crusade, the leading pastors and Mexico City.

On the way back to the hotel, Alvaro took us by a dress shop where he talked Dennis and Steve into buying the Presidential Shirt – a comfortable white dress shirt often worn during formal gatherings in Mexico and Central America. From there we were invited to lunch with Pastor Benjamin Lomeli – who had just come from meeting with the Ambassador of Israel. What an honor to be received by Pastor Lomeli and asked to give the keynote message at the national call to prayer for Mexico in Zocalo Square!

The morning of the event started with the four of us joining Pastor Lomeli and a delegation of pastors and officials for a private meeting with the chief of the city. What was supposed to be a small gathering of about 10 people had swelled to 40 plus by the time we headed up the elegant staircase towards his office. Because of the size of the group, we were redirected to a larger meeting room.

In this large room was a circular table with microphones per each seat. People scurried to find their seat with the overflow standing at the back of the room. It was quite the scene as the chief of the city, a congresslady and a member of the President’s cabinet were all in attendance. People were excited! Many amazing things happened over the next 30 minutes – including being asked to pray for the chief of the city and the peace of Mexico. By the time we left, people were gathering in the square for the day of prayer.

The weather was turning cold and the clouds looked threatening, but none of it dampened the hearts of the people gathered in the famous Zocalo Square. We were standing in the heart of the nation! At 3pm the clouds were very ominous and even though Dennis and I were scheduled for 5pm, now was the time to preach the Gospel.

The four of us walked out onto the platform together and knelt down before the people.  It was appropriate to humble ourselves before the Lord Jesus and the people gathered in the Square and online.  It turned out that at very moment, 116,000 people from across Mexico and beyond were watching live on Facebook!  After the four of us had prayed, I spoke of the value of a soul.  It had been burning in my heart for Mexico for many weeks and it was an honor to remind the precious people of Mexico how much they are loved.

As I look back it is still sinking in that the Lord honored LOLI with the opportunity to preach in that historic square and pray with some of the nation’s leaders.  I also fulfilled a personal promise I had made to Alvaro that the next time I was in Mexico City I would eat cactus.