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December 2011

From Texas To Honduras: Bears On A Mission

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I walked into the Honduras hospital room and asked this little girl: would you like the red bear, brown bear or white bear? She knew exactly which one she wanted – the big brown bear! She was so happy with the bear, that when we paused to pray, she insisted on holding his hand instead of mine. So I did the daddy thing: I grabbed the other bear’s hand, and the three of us prayed to Jesus! … I’m sure the Lord would understand!! Light of Life International teamed up with the elementary students of Bethesda Christian School to kick off our first Bears on a Mission! The students brought nearly 300 BIG bears and we transported them to San Pedro Sula, Honduras – where we visited 2 orphanages, 1 public hospital, and an impoverished area known as the Bordos. Many of the students included a small photo of themselves…

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