"Tell him what you have seen and heard - the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life and the Good News is being preached to the poor."

Luke 7:22


There is a fire inside of you. A Holy Spirit flame ready to ignite and push you out of the ordinary and routine. One that will launch you into a life of bold faith and open doors. It is a place where nothing is impossible and miracles are real. It is a life of fire, destiny and supernatural impact.

In Fire Starters and Rain Crusaders, Stephen Evans chronicles a ten year journey of faith where believing for the impossible leads to God revealing himself in extraordinary ways.

You can be the next game changer, nation shaker, and history maker. It is not about the people you know, what you have, or how qualified you are. It is a passion for Jesus, an unquenchable cry to live for Him, and a boldness to dream with God for the impossible.

Fire Starters and Rain Crusaders will encourage you to truly dream beyond your own comprehension where only God can fulfill your dreams.


A fire was started, that no rain can quench.

A fire was started, that no rain can quench.

“I have known men of great faith doing great things and I have known men of great humility carrying the fragrance of Christ, but rarely have I known a man like Stephen Evans who walks with both great faith and great humility. By faith, Stephen’s ministry leaves a lasting impact in the nations, and his humility leaves a sweet taste with the churches and the authorities of the cities. Fire Starters and Rain Crusaders will inspire you to believe God for great things and to love people in the little things.”

– ANDREW MCMILLAN, Pastor of Comunidad Cristiana de Fe (Medellin, Colombia)

“I’ve had the joy of knowing Stephen and his family for many years. He has an incredible legacy and calling, and he’s a man who hears the voice of the Spirit and acts in response with amazing faith. These stories will inspire you to a deeper, bolder walk with God and challenge you to display strength and take action.”

-ROB HOSKINS, President, OneHope, Inc. and Board Chair, Oral Roberts University

“Stephen Evans is a personal friend. I admire him for his love and passion for souls. I’ve had the opportunity to go along with him on several events and there are 2 things I’m surprised about: 1) the way he calls together the nations through pastors. He inspires them to grow the church, while strongly investing in them as well and 2) the large evangelistic gatherings that are celebrated in nations. This is an evidence of a divine mantle over his life. I bless his work in this and in future times.”

-MISAEL ARGENAL, Pastor of Ministerio La Cosecha (San Pedro Sula, Honduras)

“Stephen Evans was for a short time part of my team. I am glad to say that fire of Holy Spirit Evangelism, in something like an electric arc, leaped on him and turned him into a firebrand preacher. I have followed his reports ever since and recommend this book heartedly.”

-REINHARD BONNKE, Evangelist, Christ for all Nations


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