Tuesday, September 22

By September 22, 2015LOLI Missions

One time when I was in Ecuador, I saw the lengths to which the Holy Spirit will go to draw a person. I was part of a medical clinic serving people in a valley surrounded by high mountains. The people in the village lined up outside the tent then the doctors and nurses examined the people, starting with the mothers and their children. I was part of the team that met with the individuals and families after the check up to pray for their needs and share about Jesus. Near the end of the day, the line was still long and the sun was hot. The team worked as quickly as they could to move people through. The medical team asked the last man to come in the tent if there was anything in particular that needed to be looked at. He replied that he was in perfect health and not there for a check- up. The attendant, who was checking people in, asked him, “Then what can we do for you?” The man replied, “I heard that God was in the village. I would like to meet Him!” The remarkable thing about this story is that this man did not come from the valley. He lived on the other side of the mountains! It had taken him the entire day to trek up, over and down the mountains to reach this valley, find our tent, and then wait for hours, as he was the last person in that long line! He had done all of that because the Holy Spirit had called him to meet the Savior!