Tuesday, September 15

By September 15, 2015LOLI Missions, Uncategorized

Have you considered the times in which we live? Our generation-more than any other-has the tools and the passion to take the Gospel to every tribe, city and nation. What a divine opportunity—to take the message of our Savior and King and broadcast it to the world! One-on-one evangelism is crucial and critical to winning our world. There were only 120 people in the Upper Room, but when they were touched by the fire of the Holy Spirit, power and courage flowed through them. They went out, spoke of the resurrection of Jesus, and things began to happen. The Bible describes it this way: “…they went everywhere and preached, and the Lord worked through them, confirming what they said by many miraculous signs” (Mark 16). The same is true for us today. The same Lord who was passionate for souls then is the same King who is passionate for souls today! And He is committed to working with us Sas we activate our faith to win souls. How encouraging to know that our Lord and Savior wants to partner with us in eternal matters! All of us are called to be part of advancing the Kingdom of God. When I served on Reinhard Bonnke’s team in Africa, I would often hear him describe lost souls as people in the water drowning. Having been pulled from the water ourselves, we were now safely on board the rescue boat. But there were still many others in the water—and the cry on the boat would go out again: All hands on deck! This call applies to all of us. It is not just for the captain of the boat, or those in charge of navigation, or the ones keeping a watch on the tides. It is a cry for all hands on deck—because there are so many people drowning in the water! This is the call that comes from my heart to yours today.