Thursday, September 10

By September 10, 2015LOLI Missions, Uncategorized

On Monday, August 3rd, thirty of our team members arrived in Nicaragua. We were very happy to get busy once we were on the ground. Tuesday was also our first day of distribution, and we were all excited about that! Bags of groceries were divided among three teams to take to those in need in Masaya. Friend, to see the light in the eyes of these precious people when they receive bags of groceries touches the heart on such a deep level. They are so grateful for the very things we in the U.S. take for granted. It really puts things in perspective! We continued to distribute food, toys and flip-flops on Wednesday and Thursday as well.

YOU are a part of this. Through your giving, souls are saved, people are delivered from addictive behaviors and hopelessness, children and their families are fed and clothed. Consider for a moment that taking your family to dinner in a restaurant here in the States can cost upwards of $40 to $50; that same $40 to $50 dollars can feed a family in Nicaragua for weeks and provide nourishment they might otherwise go without. I know that’s hard for us to understand, but it’s the truth. Your seed of $75, $50, or $30 each month brings hope, help and deliverance to people who live in such poverty, both physically and spiritually.

Your help is crucial to the compassionate work LOLI does around the world. You keep us going for the Kingdom…and growing the Kingdom! Thank you for your partnership. Our prayer is that God will release creative miracles in your life to meet every need, and we trust He will do that!