My heart is full today. There is so much that I would share with you- so many things that happened this week alone. God has given us a road map for Latin America that is more ambitious than anything I could ever have dreamed or imagined, but here’s the key: If it was based upon my abilities, my energy or my passion, it would surely fail. But the truth is, God has never once rebuked me for a big vision. I want young people to hear this especially: “Stephen, you want to take all of Latin America in the next ten years?” Absolutely!

Here’s where the rebuke comes from: The motivation…The why. Is it so that I can be propped up? Then Jesus has a problem with that. Is it so that I can be promoted in the eyes of men and women? Jesus has a problem with that. But if it comes out of a brokenness, if it comes out of a humility, if it comes out of a stirring to know Him more–and out of that knowing and that devotion- a heart cry to share Him with everyone else I know, He does not take offense at that. Because that assignment (to reach millions of souls who desperately need to hear the gospel) comes from the throne room itself. God says, “I will put my shoulder next to you, because I already put that dream in your heart. Stephen, if it is the desire of your heart to take food and clothes and toys and teddy bears and give them out to tens of thousands of impoverished people across Latin America, I will put my shoulder next to you in that, because I’ve already put that in your heart.”

What about you, Friend? What are you dreaming about at night? When you go to bed and the lights are out, nobody knows what you’re thinking or what is burning inside of your heart except you and God. Are you burning with a need to serve? It’s time for the men of America to stand up and be leaders, to be examples, to be bold in their leadership, in their worship, in their service. This is an opportunity. What will you do with it? How will you answer the call?