Preparation Week Update From Managua, Nicaragua

Hello LOLI followers! We are in Managua, Nicaragua this week and wanted to share an update on what is happening down here in preparation for Nicaragua Ora (Nicaragua Prays).


Stephen stepped out of customs and onto the stage to deliver a powerful message to the good people of Managua. Outside where the staging area was located, a young man was selling hats on the street. When the young man heard what was happening inside he came inside. The message wasn’t a salvation message, nor did it need to be, because by the end of the message the young man had accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord of his life. Already the entire preparation trip was worth it, because that single man came to know Jesus.

Later, when we pulled into the final street leading to a church Stephen spoke at that evening, we drove slowly as the streets began filling with worshippers walking purposefully to “their” church with bibles in hand and kids in tow. It was a blessed sight only eclipsed by an unsuspected moment Stephen paused and asked the people to pray. As if on cue the prayers of intercession began billowing out of the people. Soon, wave after wave of prayer was being released. It was extremely powerful and all we can say is “Praise God!”549866_162381987250921_1948667806_n

We want to give a large “Wow!” out to God for the two amazing services Thursday night in Nicaragua. These people are hungry for the things of God.

Here’s to looking forward to the greater things God has planned for Nicaragua Ora in just a few months! Please continue praying for softened and open hearts as well as for bridges to be formed between all of the different people, organizations, leaders, government and God. All need to be connected and healed so that love and healthy relationships can begin to thrive under the humility of following God and worshipping Jesus.

If you would like more information on Nicaragua Ora, please visit our current information page or check out our Nicaragua Ora Facebook page.