Pathway To The Cross

In Danli, Honduras there is a structure sitting on top of a mountain that is recognizable to almost everyone, a huge white cross. The advance team treked to the top of the mountain. The journey was difficult at times, tested our perseverance but the reward was more than worth it. There was a feeling of accomplishment and the view was a gift straight from the Lord.

As we have traveled in and around Danli, we realize the cross is visible from almost any road we are on. The thought came to us, that as we are ministering to the people of Danli and pointing them to the Savior, how unique our different backgrounds, cultures and even our countries are. The one thing in common though is our need for the cross.

As we serve the people with gifts of food, stuffed animals and even ice cream, we are demonstrating the love of Jesus. Although the gifts we bring are simple without much earthly value, they can lead to a line of communication being opened that allows for the sharing of the greatest gift that never runs dry, the gift of eternal life through a personal relationship with Jesus.