Nicaragua Prays Set For The Summer Of 2013

On Saturday, we officially kicked off Nicaragua Prays for the summer 2013 with a formal luncheon for pastors and political leaders. The Holiday Inn banquet hall was packed with over 400 in attendance. With the tables filled, extra chairs were brought in and the meeting was standing room only. We even temporarily ran out of food because of the response!

There is a hunger in Nicaragua for the Gospel and if the kickoff luncheon was any indication of things to come, then this summer could be absolutely massive. It was humbling to have the leadership of several denominations sitting at our table. Please pray for unity and humility to multiply among Christian leaders and organizations as we move forward!

Stephen Evans Speaks at a Pastor's Event for Nicaragua Ora

We also met with the head of the national police and several other political leaders – as we are again praying for a gathering of the nation from every sector this summer. Thank you for standing with us in prayer and fasting for favor and breakthrough with Nicaragua Prays!