Mexico Prays- A Church Transformed

By December 10, 2014LOLI Missions, Uncategorized

One of the most powerful experiences we have during a crusade week is encouraging the local churches. During the first two days of distribution we visited a small church in an area called Kilometer 27 1/2. It was a very small church in a very poor area of Mexico City. The building was made of a simple concrete structure covered with a tin sheet roof. The interior was dark but inviting. There were chairs set-up for the congregation of 20. Pastor Eduardo, the senior pastor, became the senior pastor of this church about a year earlier. He and his small congregation have such a burden for their community that was demonstrated by their excitement during distribution.

When we arrived, we prayed with the Pastor, his wife, and several members of his congregation. During the prayer, Pastor Eduardo broke down in tears. He told us that he had been waiting for a long time for this day when God would send him help in reaching his community. It was a very precious moment and one that was obviously ordained by God.

As this congregation led us into their community, it was very apparent that the Lord was not only answering the Pastor’s prayers for help, but He was also answering their prayers for the salvation the members of the community. During the two days of distribution, we saw approximately 80 salvations in that community. It was truly amazing to experience. Almost every person we talked to was not only open to hearing the Gospel, but ready to respond to Jesus.

At the end of distribution, we returned to the church to say good bye to the Pastor and his congregation. As we gathered for prayer, the Pastor again broke down. He said he and his congregation had been praying and witnessing to their community all year. However, they kept hitting a wall. “But today,” the Pastor said, “we broke through the wall!” And what a breakthrough it was. This congregation of juat 20 added 80 new salvation in just two days! Now that is the power of the Lord and His Gospel!

Before we left the church, the Pastor told one of our team members that at the end of 2014 he was planning to resign as pastor. He was feeling frustrated and discouraged because of the lack of results he was seeing in the community. However, after the two days of distribution and the 80 salvations, he was recommitting to staying on as the pastor. He was so excited for his church and his community.

What a privilege it was to be able to be a part of God’s blessing to this pastor and his church. Building up that local church is one of LOLI’s primary goals. Please join us in continuing to pray for Pastor Eduardo and his church!