Mexico Ora Crusade

Monday, November 17th, was the culmination of a powerful week of ministry as Light of Life International partnered with the pastors and churches of Mexico City in the 10th annual National Day of Prayer for Mexico. It was a privilege to join with believers in Mexico City on this occasion, which marked a decade of gathering together by the thousands to pray for their nation! The crowds began to arrive at noon at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico, a very modern facility that seats around 25,000 people. The meeting continued well into the evening as believers prayed, worshipped and heard the preaching of God’s Word.

In the early evening, Stephen began to preach. The message was from 2 Chronicles 7:14, and it called the nation to humility, prayer, repentance and to seek the face of God. Tensions were high due to the 43 students that were killed recently, and a major protest against the government was planned for the following Thursday. Sin seems to be running rampant in many forms, yet there are two promises hanging over Mexico – personal forgiveness and national healing of the land. The prophetic call for national repentance and prayer was delivered with power. Likewise, the call to the cross of Christ for forgiveness and salvation was given. Across the arena hands went up as people expressed their desire to receive salvation! This was followed by an invitation to every born again Christian to receive the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit then fell all over the auditorium as hungry hearts cried out to Him! What followed was simply beautiful, and the arena filled with worship – and with God’s presence. The people, with great hunger and passion, just continued to pursue Jesus!

We thank God for the opportunity to be a part of this historic gathering. May God in His mercy and grace release blessing, healing and most of all, salvation in this great nation of Mexico!