How Did You Get That Job – Part 2

I turned up the next morning excited to see how Suzette Hattingh, the former head of intercession for Reinhard Bonnke, prayed. I’m not sure what I expected but for several minutes I watched her read her Bible, walk around quietly listening and communicating with the Lord Jesus, then sit down to journal some thoughts—all things you would expect from someone committed to Him.

The Holy Spirit started pulling at me. It was time to quit spectating. I walked down to the front of the sanctuary, knelt down at the altar, and began to pray.

Acutely aware of the presence of Jesus, I buried my face in my hands and poured out my heart before Him. Humbled and broken, I worshipped Him with all my soul. And I completely forgot about Suzette Hattingh.

The ironic twist was that while I was at the altar, the Holy Spirit tapped Suzette on the shoulder and drew her attention to me, praying. When she observed me, a word from heaven fell into her heart, one laced with destiny.

The next day at lunch, she said, “Stephen, I believe the Lord is calling you into crusade ministry, and I’m supposed to show you how!” She didn’t know how that would work exactly. What she did know and hear was the Holy Spirit calling us into mass evangelism.

This certainly was a turning point in my life and the beginning of a spiritual Journey of Faith that would take me around the world! If you want to find out what happens next, go to and order a copy of my book, Fire Starters and Rain Crusaders, today!