Honduras Prays: Shaking A City Of 1,000,000 People

Honduras Prays began with a simple question four years ago: what would it take to do a massive crusade in San Pedro Sula, Honduras? The answers were not inviting: need to be famous or an organization with deep pockets. Neither option described us!

But we didn’t stop dreaming either. It was a city that held great meaning to us: our LOLI Latin America office was there, along with friends who long ago became family. But how do you shake a city of a million people? Then it hit: you do it through Relationships!

So for the next 3-4 years, we ministered in local communities, built friendships with hundreds of pastors, and listened to the concerns of the people. And the more we interacted, the more we saw the favor of God pushing us forward with His invisible hand.

Today we stand on the edge of history. Denominational and political leaders, rich and poor, city dwellers and rural farmers, in conjunction with secular and Christian media are poised for a moment when this city – and maybe nation – unites to call on God for help.

Imagine tens of thousands of men and women, children and grandparents all together – crying out for II Chronicles 7:14 to be realized in San Pedro Sula, and beyond. This is Honduras Prays!

If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, & pray and seek My face, & turn from their wicked ways, then I shall hear from heaven, & will forgive their sin and heal their land! -II Chronicles 7:14

Over the last few years, we have partnered with amazing pastors and community leaders in and around San Pedro Sula, Honduras to preach the Gospel and minister to the poor. These areas include Villanueva, Rivera Hernandez, La Lima, Puerto Cortez, Chamelecon, Cofradia, and Choloma.

Outside the San Pedro Sula scope, in neighboring states, we have also held evangelistic crusade weeks in Tela, Tocoa, Yoro, Siguatepeque, La Eperanza, Santa Cruz, and La Entrada. It has been a joy and honor watching the Lord touch lives and develop amazing relationships!

These efforts have led us to this summer. In partnership with the Pastor Association over San Pedro Sula – we are pushing forward with a national event, one that calls the nation to gather in San Pedro Sula to pray.

This crusade is more massive than anything before. Our latest breakfast in San Pedro Sula had 19 pastor alliances, 190 churches, and the mayor’s office represented. It is something that has captured the hearts of the people.