Honduras Crusade Posters Visible Around San Pedro Sula

All around the city of San Pedro Sula you can feel the excitement building towards the crusades on Friday and Saturday night. From posters, to billboards, and even bumper stickers, Honduras Ora is everywhere!

Below is a poster we saw on the way home Monday night, these are up all over the place. Continue to pray that God draws each and every person to the events this weekend. Advertising is a wonderful way to spread the word, but it’s nothing compared to a move of the Holy Spirit.

Honduras Ora Crusade Poster in San Pedro Sula

Pray specifically for Stephen Evans and Dennis Aplicano, as they take the stage this weekend to lead a nation in prayer and repentance. There will be a great deal of media and national attention on this event, and it’s important to keep the focus off us and on our heavenly Father!