All He Asks Is For Us To Be Available

Have you ever considered what it takes to be a disciple? It’s not reaching a certain age. It’s not having a mastery of the Word. It’s not having a polished presentation. No, it is simply making yourself available.

This week volunteers from all walks of life have joined together to minister to the people of Danli, Honduras.

Bags of food, stuffed animals, Bibles and, yes, even ice cream have been distributed. As you would imagine, even the coldest heart can begin melting when a child demonstrates the love of Jesus through the giving of a gift.

Once the door is opened and a conversation commences, it is amazing to witness the power of the Holy Spirit. People seek a new touch from the Lord. Others ask for prayer for themselves and their loved ones. Some ask Jesus into their hearts for the very first time!

The transformation on many of the faces we encounter is amazing.