We Just Met The President Of Honduras!

This story is amazing and started less than 3 weeks ago! Steve and Stephen flew into Tegucigalpa, Honduras to meet up with our crusade director Dennis and the president of the pastors association of San Pedro Sula, all in hopes of meeting with as many governmental leaders as possible.

Our biggest priority was to meet with the President of Honduras – but that was still uncertain when we arrived. However, our hopes were not disappointed as the Lord opened the doors – and on Friday, April 27th we met face to face with President Lobo!

President Lobo shook our hands at the door and we walked into his large private chamber. As we sat down to talk, we knew our time would be limited to 15-20 minutes. But the more we shared our hearts, the more he listened and shared his hopes for the country.

LOLI Meeting with President Lobo of Honduras

Stephen and Dennis speaking with President Lobo. They were told 15-20 minutes, but the President gave them nearly an hour in his chambers!

We humbled ourselves before him, expressed our love for Honduras, and asked him to join us in July for Honduras Prays. It had been over 45 minutes! His response was very positive and we soon received an official Presidential invitation to come back 5 days later to meet with him again, along with the Vice-President and his Executive Cabinet.

That follow up meeting on May 2nd resulted in his confirming to attend Honduras Prays and his personal invitation to the 40 member Cabinet to join him! Looking back on meeting with President Lobo, a couple of things stand out. One, God opens doors and with Him all things are possible.

The reality is it’s not easy to meet with the President of a nation – and he actually flew in the night before from Nicaragua to make the meeting!! Two, God loves the people of Honduras and is calling the nation to humble itself, pray and call upon His name. We are humbled to watch God’s invisible hand at work!