I believe that this generation, more than any other, has the tools and the passion to accomplish what has never been dreamed of before- to go to every tribe in every country and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have the technologies, communication outlets, and various means of travel—there is no reason why we cannot take this assignment from the throne room of God himself into the world and see nations transformed.

One-on-one evangelism is as crucial and critical today as it has ever been. Friend, there were only 120 people in the Upper Room, but they encountered the resurrection life of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the fire of the Holy Spirit empowered them. They went out from that room and things began to happen -people were added to the church. Those who were in the Upper room were called “people who turned the world upside down.” The same power that fell at Pentecost- that same resurrection life that was available 2000 years ago- is available today. The same Jesus, who walked with and taught the disciples, who performed miracles and told them to go and do likewise, is our Savior today.

Friend, I am sure you are in a wonderful church, surrounded by wonderful pastors who care for you, believe in you and pray over you daily. However, the assignment does not just fall to them alone. All of us are called to step into these last days as part of the advancement of the Kingdom of God. It’s as if a cry has gone out on a ship, “All hands on deck!” Not just the Captain, not just the people who are in charge of navigating or keeping a watch on the tides. ALL hands on deck! And this is the call that comes from my heart to yours today. God, who desires more than anything else for the world to come to salvation, is calling us to take His Word to the nations, to share the Gospel with such passion that there will be so great a transformation in our cultures, in our cities, in our nations that the world will take note that we belong to Jesus!