Tuesday, August 4

Jesus is doing some incredible things on the earth today. I want to share a story with you: There was a lady attending a Saturday night crusade in Honduras who had severe stomach pains. She was behind the platform, doubled over, and two ladies on the team went to her thinking she was in great agony. The ladies didn’t speak Spanish very well, so they were just trying to comfort her, to love on her a little bit. One of our interpreters finally made it over to that particular area behind the stage where this lady was bent over, sobbing and asked her what was the problem. It turned out that she had this severe stomach malady for twenty-six years. Not a day had gone by that she wasn’t in great agony, with no relief, and no kind of pain medicine she could take to help her. That night in the service, she said, the fire of God came upon her, causing her to stand straight up and the pain was gone! It was completely gone after 26 years!

Can you imagine that? Every day, every week, every month, every year—agony, pain, suffering, hardship! And then the mercy of God came and touched her; and all she could do was double over and sob with gratitude and thanksgiving.

We also saw a man at this crusade who had tried to commit suicide 3 times in that very week because of being severely depressed and overwhelmed. He walked up on the stage with slashes all the way up his arms -it was awful to look at. Reader, I am telling you right now-suicide is a lie from the pit of hell! Tell your friends, tell everyone you know, it is a satanic attack against your mind to end your life and to take away your potential on this earth. The enemy tried to get this man to end his life, but Jesus had a better plan. Jesus said, “No more!” and brought that man to the crusade, healed his mind, healed his body, saved his soul, and, today, that man is a living testimony of the transforming power of the grace of God! We serve an awesome God, my Friend!