Taking Food And The Gospel To The People

We began today, as we will begin every day, with devotions. After a briefing on the details of the day, we set out to bring the message of the Kingdom of God.

This is the day we have been waiting for for over a year. Since Honduras in July 2012 we have been waiting for another crusade mission. Now, here it is. Today we went on our first of four days of distribution.

There are five teams who went to five different villages around Managua, the Capitol of Nicaragua. The goal for each team is to distribute 300 bags of food, hundreds of stuffed animals, and to bring the message of the Gospel to all we encounter. It is as much a blessing to us as it is to those whom we bless.

It is an awesome experience to walk up to a home in the middle of the most impoverished areas of a third-world country and realize that the Lord has appointed you to bring the message of salvation to someone you have never met, and probably will never meet again this side of heaven. Many stories of divine appointmentscome out of these encounters, and today was no different.

The first stop on distribution is to load the bus with the bags of food. We also meet the local pastor who will guide us where we are to distribute the food to the people. These area are usually the poorest areas of the country.