Mexico Prays Distribution

By November 18, 2014LOLI Missions, Uncategorized

There are four pillars upon which LOLI was founded: Passion, Compassion, Transformation, and Destiny. All four of these pillars are evident during a LOLI crusade week. The one that is the most visible is Compassion. This is also the one that makes a very big impact on the local churches we serve. We show compassion thought the daily distribution of food, toys, and the message of the Gospel. Every member of the LOLI team participates in distribution. It is one of the biggest reasons that people partner with LOLI.

This week in Mexico we distributed over 2,000 bags of food and hundreds of stuffed animals. This was done in one of two ways. First, we go door to door in communities offering families a weeks worth of food and stuffed animals for any children in the home. As we speak with them we share the love of God in the Gospel. Then we offer them the opportunity receive Jesus into their lives if they don’t know Him. We also offer to pray for any needs they have. Second, we set-up a mini-crusade in an open area and we invite people to hear about the love of God. We present the Gospel to them and offer them the opportunity to receive Jesus. Then we bless them with food and stuffed animals for the children.

One of the unique aspects of the distribution in the city of Mexico was the openness and response of the people to the Gospel. In the three days of distribution, we saw hundreds of people accept Jesus for the first time. It was a living example of what Jesus said in Matthew 9:38, “…the harvest truly is plentiful…” (NKJV). Almost every home we entered there was someone ready to respond to the Gospel and receive Jesus. In some cases, the entire household came to know Jesus! Several people told us that they had heard about other religions, but they had never heard the Gospel before. It was an honor to be the first ones to share with them the Good News of Jesus.

This week, through our own personal devotions, the Lord kept talking to us about seeds. He encouraged us to keep sowing everywhere we went and to be extensive in our sowing. We took this word to heart and shared the love of Jesus in the Gospel with anyone and everyone who would listen. Because of this, one of the van drivers, who took the teams to the distributions sites each day, came to know Jesus for the firs time! Thank You Jesus!

We have had a great time sharing the Love of Jesus in Mexico. Please pray with us that the Lord will cause the seeds that were planted this week to prosper!